Web icons study
May 25, 2004

A great cross-comparison study of web icons across sites. It reminded me of the Appendix of Jakob Nielsen's Homepage Usability where he compares the use of homepage real estate, logos, search boxes, images, shopping carts across the 50 sites he deconstructs, but it's not as detailed or broad (or graphically appealing presentation-wise) as this one.

Critique of the "unböring"
January 30, 2003

With much spam, IKEA launched its "unböring" community, where "non-professionals" are encouraged exchange tips on home design ideas. This prompted me to jot down a few thought about online communities.


DHTML Rollover Menus
November 27, 2002

I've had to use dynamic rollover menu in two recent project. One out of choice, another because the client had previously used them. This prompted me to think it a good time to take a hard look at this method of navigation.


Autmomatic Site Mapping Tools
August 02, 2002

I was looking for some automatic site mapping tools for a site re-design project I've been working on. I spent a couple of hours surfing C|Net's Download.com and went through practically all the apps I found when I typed in "Site Map" in their search engine.

I only found one that I liked.


Audio Tours Online
April 11, 2002

While doing research on a proposal for a museum's website information architecture, we were looking into something online akin to those handheld devices that look like oversized phone receivers that provide audio tours you can rent at most major museums.


Faceted Classification
November 28, 2001

Lately I've been hearing a lot about Faceted Classification. I'm not sure who was the first to coin it but it's a navigation method that seems to work very well when you have a large list of items you need to classify and browse.


Online surveys
November 27, 2001

I've been working on a couple online surveys lately. I've been doing some research into how best to present online surveys. Here are some guidelines, tips and resources that I have been able to in the course of researching, executing and analysing the responses.