Syndicating Content thru RSS
May 16, 2003

I'm back after quite an absence. No excuses - I going to try to be more disciplined about posting. Along with going to the gym and cutting down on caffine intake :-)

A co-worker, Jason gave a great brownbag presentation on RSS (or how to syndicate your site) yesterday that prompted me to:

1. Finally overcome my laziness and add an icon to the default Movable Type RSS feed on this site. (See XML image at bottom of right column. Orange kinda goes well with the green don't you think?)

2. Look into the matter a little further.

If you haven't heard already, here's the what it is all about - what it is, where it came from and what it has to do with me. This WebMonkey article does a gzilliion times better job in explaining than I can ever do.

It is essentially an insanely great way to aggregate and stay up-to-date on what what other people are saying (in blogs and news sites) through a simple desktop interface.

Did I mention it is great for lazy people?

This is because the software does all the work, pinging the sites at regular intervals and tells you when they have new articles. You don't have to go to the sites regularly or wait for an email. Less work for the publisher - less work for the reader. Everyone wins.

It's very addictive.

I must point out that I'm a little late to the RSS party, partially because of a bad UI experience. I downloaded Amphetadesk for my PC at work about a year ago, but after having a horrific experience (only parts of which I can recall now - something to do with having to install .NET on Windows 2000 along with some annoying UI issues when I finally did get it to work), I shelved the whole thing. It was my loss.

Here's some software that does a far superior job:

SharpReader for Windoze. This one is great because it has a built in browser, so you can view the site inside the software. NetNewsWire for Macs

Which feeds am I subscribed to currently?

Some IA feeds
Elegant Hack Off the Top
Niose Between Station
AIfIA News
Boxes and Arrows

Clay Shirky's Essays

Any others that are good reads (IA and others)?


Added 5/23/2003

Forgot to mention you can keep track of blogs on your Palm: