Using Wireframes
September 20, 2002

Wireframes serve a central function in communicating the content and layout of each web page for internal discussion and client review as well as a blueprint from which graphic designers and web developers will derive final designs. It's importance, roles and implementations are discussed in this article.


New York City & Usability
June 21, 2002

Until 10 months ago I used to live in and work in New York. A lot has changed since then: I moved to suburban Northern Virginia, bought a car and been blessed with a beautiful daughter.

Last weekend, I finally found time to take the whole family to visit New York for the first time since I left. It turned out to be a pretty miserable experience.


The Beauty of Decay
May 30, 2002

I often find myself torn between the desire for the new and the attraction to the old.

It's something I inherited from studying architecture I suppose, where one is constantly creating something new with the knowledge that time will have an effect on that which is created.

Having worked on both physical and virtual structures, I often find myself reflecting on the nature of the passage of time registering on an object as decay.