RSS re-addiction
July 14, 2004

My initial fascination with RSS feeds died with I realized that I can never keep up with all the information being stuffed down my throat. In retrospect, I think I O.D'ed through over subscription. I was subscribed to news, mac, IA, CSS and a bunch of other things I was interested in. Over-stimulation just killed all interest in RSS and I just went back to manually checking website when I wanted to. It was ironic that all that control over information lead to a sense that I was losing control.

So it was with some caution that I reapproached RSS through a wonderfully lite and free aggregator. This time I am only subscribed to a small select list of feeds:
A List Apart

I learned that you can now view Flickr by tags. What's this got to do with RSS? Well you can subscribe to the tag as a feed. Sweet. I just subscribed to the Cameraphone tag. There's something perversely voyeuristically-CNN'ish about all this.

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