The Happy/Sad George Trick
August 14, 2003

I was rolling around in tears after seeing the quicktime movie of The Spoon Trick on Simple Bits.

Another good trick is the "Happy/Sad George" [my title].

You take a dollar bill, the crisper the better. With the face of George Washington facing you, fold the bill in half away from you precisely along Washington's left pupil. You do the same for the other pupil, folding the bill away from you. Then fold the bill towards you between the two folds so you get an "M" shape along the middle of the bill.

Now here's the trick - holding the bill between your two hands, turn it bill so that you are looking up at Washington. It will look as if he is smiling! Then turn your wrists so that you are looking down on the bill. It will look as if he is sad!

I originally learned this trick in college in Korea, but found it works on all currencies with a face on the bill.

Maybe I'll create a quicktime movie for this one if I can find the time :-)


I've done this in Japan with the 1000-yen bill. Shoseki Natsume goes from frowning to grinning like an idiot.

Posted by: Bill on March 16, 2004 05:07 AM
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