Taking notes on my Palm
May 23, 2003

I finally dumped my pitiful Palm V (with it's teeny 2MB memory) and brought a Palm Zire 71 and a 256MB SD card. This thing is amazing. In many ways.

what you get for 260 clams

I got mine for about 270 clams with free shipping from Buy.com. The 256MB SD card was about 60. Now, tell me that ain't cheap - when it includes bright 320x320 hi-res screen, glorious 16-bit color, sleek styling and a camera to boot!

There are those who said "what, it doesn't come with a phone?" I got a phone awreddy and I ain't dishing out 500 cabbages to buy a phone with a tiny screen that I have to scratch on the write my entries. The price was what attracted me the most.

the camera

Once you get over the 007 gadget awe of the camera sliding out of the back, you realize the quality isn't that great. It's 640x480, but given the colors are off and the photos a little muddy. But I sure beats having to carry another camera around, and I've been putting it to use during meeting to take photos of the whiteboard. That definitely oohed and ahhed some people.

Check out some photos:

My desk
My desk
My palm
My Palm
Some objects
Some objects

What you got on it?

Couple of apps that I bought:

Silver Screen: an alternative the Palm app launcher
Thought Manager: an outliner - great for taking notes, and organizing to-do lists
DocumentToGo: read word and excel files on your Palm

Couple that are free downloads:

AvantGo: download and read specially PDA formatted pages from a bunch of great sites - Reuters, NYT, Wired, WSJ, Mapquest, CNET... you get the idea
Plucker: allow you to grab webpages, and read even RSS feeds. Check out blogpluck
bubblet: insanely addictive game

It came with VersaMail which I use to dump my email accounts everytime I sync, RealOne player for MP3's, Kinoma Player for movies, Audible Player for audiobooks, Palm Reader for doc formatted files and Acrobat for PDF files.

Just have to find a way of writing blog entries on my Palm and uploading when I sync :-)


> Just have to find a way of writing blog entries on my Palm and uploading when I sync :-)

I have just ordered a Tungsten W and I am looking for the same thing. A blogger app for Palm would be great!

Posted by: Peter Parnes on May 29, 2003 07:51 AM
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