Autmomatic Site Mapping Tools
August 02, 2002

I was looking for some automatic site mapping tools for a site re-design project I've been working on. I spent a couple of hours surfing C|Net's and went through practically all the apps I found when I typed in "Site Map" in their search engine.

I only found one that I liked.

Electrum's Powermapper has a good selection of presentation options: 3D Buttons, Electrum (which is what they call your basic horizontal site map), Isometric, Table of Contents, Page Cloud (site map organized in a circular format), Tree View, Skyscrapers (site map organized as steps with home page as the tallest block with all subpages as steps down from it).

It aslo gives you the option to have Short title, Full title or URL displayed on the site map.

What I would like to see, is an option to export the site map as an Excel file that has an inventory of all the pages it has spidered organized in a heirarchy with the page title and the URL. The maps are pretty and good for presentations, but when it comes down to re-designing of the information architecure of clients' sites, you just need the program to generate the heirarchy in a more usable format.

See for yourself. Download a 30-day trial version.


I've been looking at various site mapping and representation tools. One, amongst others, is at It's pretty interesting thinking about how a site map can be generated and made useful to the visitor...

Posted by: Martin Willitts on April 30, 2003 04:31 PM
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