The Beauty of Decay
May 30, 2002

I often find myself torn between the desire for the new and the attraction to the old.

It's something I inherited from studying architecture I suppose, where one is constantly creating something new with the knowledge that time will have an effect on that which is created.

Having worked on both physical and virtual structures, I often find myself reflecting on the nature of the passage of time registering on an object as decay.


Elegant Hack mention
May 28, 2002

Since it was Memorial Day weekend and I had a little more time, I went through the server logs for the first time in a couple of months. To my surprise (and horror) I see a referrer from "". I don't recall telling anyone about this blog, which I kept more as a reminder to myself à la Memento than anything else.

But glad you found it. Thanks to Christina for mentioning the Using Wireframes post on Elegant Hack (5/27/2002).

I've been meaning to follow up the original article with one on actual examples, and another on tips on using wireframes as a common (sometimes flawed) language to interface with designers and developers (drawing from experience on a recent project). Now I have more of an impetus to do so.

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May 14, 2002

Finally. I've added "Format for Printing" and "Email this article" features to the full article pages.


Links section
May 07, 2002

Added links section. Accesssible through top nav bar. Enjoy.

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