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architectureThis site offers nothing more than opinions on information architecture from an architect's point of view.

Information architecture is still an emerging field. It brings together opinions of professionals from a diverse pool of backgrounds ranging from information science, graphic design, web development and usability to name just a few. This can only make the field stronger.

In as much as information architecture has the word "architecture" in it's title, there is a lot to be learned from the field of Architecture proper. They share a love for structure, utility, attention to detail and a need for clear, unambiguous graphic representation.

It is the mission of this site to bring to the discussion table opinions, observations and insights from an architect's point of view, in the hopes that it will benefit the advancement of information architecture.

Editor: Nam-ho Park (npark at strangesystems dot net)
Trained as an architect and now a lead information architect for Forum One Communications based in Alexandria, Virginia, he received his M.Arch degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture where he instructed courses in the fundamentals of digital design in architecture and additionally worked as a designer for Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects, NY and as an information architect for CyberSites, Inc. NY.


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